Hi, I'm Afia,

someone who chased her childhood passion for writing, and turned it into an enthusiasm for marketing companies and people!

A little about me.

When I was in grade five, I wrote a short story for a schoolwide contest and won, and giddily watched and participated in a play adapted from my story. In grade six, my homeroom teacher called on me most often out of all the raised hands to answer literature related questions, my forte. My English teacher in grade nine hailed my story-writing and literary analysis skills and predicted I would go far with them...

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Managing Productivity with Automation | Avanti

A change in the way we work

Working from home for over a year and a half has brought the best and worst out of many of us. For some, productivity has risen to an all-time high, for others it’s remained the same, and some are pulling all-nighters trying to finish that project they’ve been procrastinating on.

With our “workplaces” being a room at home, the dining table, or a couch, it’s no surprise the way we’ve traditionally been wired to work has taken a hit. Research over this past year has s

The Benefits of an Automated Time and Attendance Solution | Avanti

Time & attendance: Then and now

In the industrial age, tracking employee attendance and punctuality became necessary to protect employee compensation and record accurate hours.

Employee timekeeping procedures have come a long way since their inception in 1888. Thankfully, the age of mechanical time recorders has come and gone, but the act of timekeeping has remained (we still use time clocks), albeit significantly improved.

Nowadays, modern organizations use timekeeping software to capture em

What is an HCM Software? | Avanti

If you’re reading this article, you may have contemplated software that makes organizational data accessible and simplifies complex HR and payroll processes all while keeping your people at the forefront. That, essentially is what HRIS software does. Payroll and HR already work in tandem in your organization, so it’s only sensible to synchronize the two into one overarching, efficient solution. But before we dive into that, what exactly is HCM?

What does HRIS mean?

HCM stands for human capital

What’s your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy? | Avanti

It’s likely you’ve heard the term DEI enough to know it refers to diversity, equity, and inclusion. At one point it was just a group of buzzwords with little contextually relevant meaning to most organizations except for a bit of lip service. It’s since gained significance, both for its enrichment of the workplace and its contribution to organizational success.

DEI: What exactly is it?

That begs the question – what really is DEI?

It’s a broad term encompassing the presence of social and cultu

Meet Trevor Herr | Avanti

We want you! (to get to know the people who make up our talented team). Join us for a quick glimpse into the world of Avantians – what they do, what they value, and whatever sneaky thing we could get them to reveal.

Trevor is our Director, Software Development, and he leads a talented team of software developers. An old-timer, Trevor Herr has been with Avanti for close to 14 years.

Tell us a little bit about your experiences and what brought you to Avanti.

I was never a huge fan of school. Bu